Leslie Prince Raimond

Now and Then: Leslie recently and Leslie as a WC Senior
This morning, Nona Martin and Samantha Gross met with Leslie Prince Raimond, a Washington College graduate of 1963 and the current Executive Director for the Kent County Arts Council. Raimond has had a long history with Chestertown. She was in college for the first black student as well as the Freedom Riders, and she has since stayed and been a part of the town's rich culture and history.

While this was not yet a traditional oral history interview (that will be for later), Leslie had many stories to share as well as connections to other important alum and members of the community. One particular story was about the quilt that now hangs in the Kent County Historical Society (located  at the Bordley History Center, 301 High Street, Chestertown).
The quilt was made in the late nineties and holds the pictures of many of the community elders at the time, some in their nineties themselves. Many have since passed away, but Leslie captured some of their stories on paper.

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