Don Derham

From the Pegasus 1948, Derham's senior picture.
Donald Derhum is one of the Washington College Alumni who decided to return to Chestertown later in life. He is also a War World II veteran, having completed college on the GI Bill. As many other veterans, he remembers his time in the war as a gunner with the same mixture of fondness and sadness, describing places in the Pacific, particularly his time spent in the Philippines, while also recounting stories of beheaded American soldiers and the ending of the war with the A bomb. He still has a reunion every year with his squadron.
Dean's Cabinet from 1963
Since he only spent a year at Washington before serving, he returned to complete his collegiate career. Upon his graduation in 1948, he had been a member of a variety of sports clubs, on the Dean’s Men of Council, in the Society of Sciences, and a brother of Kappa Alpha Order. He later worked in sales and met his wife who lives with him today. Even while he lived in other places, including Atlanta, GA, he returned to his alma mater and keeps in touch with the College—so much so that KA members today know who he is.

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