Wesley Commodore

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Fairlee MD.
Built in 1713

Mr. Wesley Commodore was born in 1920 near St. Paul's Episcopal Church, close to Rock Hall MD. His father was a farmer and he also farmed for forty years. Mr. Commodore describes the ins and outs of daily farm life in that time period such as milking the cow without machinery and hunting and fishing for sustenance not sport.   He remembers the war but did not serve, as farmers were exempt from the draft.  Commodore raised his wife’s three children.

When recalling social life in Chestertown, he mentions the concerts at the Uptown club as well as movie theatres. He didn’t frequent the clubs often as he did not drink and gospel music is his favorite kind of music.  He attended Bethel Baptist Church were his wife sang in the choir.  He recalls that although there was segregation, whites and blacks respected each other. His daughter went to a segregated school in Fairlee.

Mr. Commodore tells quite a few stories about hunting and farming.  Mr. Commodore also has a few stories about what life was like before the Bay Bridge was built. 

William Preston Lane Memorial Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Original Span construction started in 1949 and was completed in 1952

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