Mr. Freeman, Mr. Walker, and Mr. Wilson

Clyde Freeman  Larry Wilson and Chris Walker
Mt Olive AME Church -  Butlertown, MD

On June 19th, Clyde Freemen (born 1928), Chris Walker (born 1936) and Larry Wilson (born 1952) met us at Mt. Olive AME Church. They all grew up and moved back to Butlertown, MD, a small close-knit African American settlement. They had story after story about life in that little community. For example, they told stories about hog killing day, tales of swimming in the muddy pond and stories of how a simple get together between a couple of friends became an all-out party.                                             
Nona Martin Michael Derege and Samantha Gross

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  1. It was an awesome experience. I thank you for the opportunity that was given to us.

    Larry Wilson